Tuesday, 31 August 2010

xmas cards

its only a week till my lovely kids go back to school
and i have decided out of the 3 mornings i have a week when carys is at school i am having 1 of thoses mornings to make my christmas cards the other 2 i better clean and tidy the house then if there is still time i may make some cards lol

ps this card is one i made in the holidays and is my misi shop

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

my new cards


have been busy today si took the kids out for a while and these are the cards i made some are a order the others are for me to send out
i am really pleased with the 1st card its from a cd i brought just had to print it out and cut up and make in to a card
i am really pleased what i have done to day

Sunday, 15 August 2010

i have sat down while the football was one and made these two card one for misi and one for my
i hope you like them the 1nd card took me a whole match to make as it was a little fiddley

my cards

Hi all
I have a knitting blog so i thought i would do a card blog about the cards i make for my family and freinds and any one who wants a card

I thought you may like to know a bit about me
I am 31 years old 2 children and one husband i have always loved making things i love working with my hands and see them grow i have been making cards for about 9 years started with cross stitch and worked my way up to cards my frist card i was so proud of
it was a topper and i put it on the card with a happy birthday sticker on it
i look back now and think how far i have come from that card and still enjoy making them

this card is not my frist but i made it about 2 years ago
love clare